Golf Club St. Andrews

Scotland - UK


Approximate value of 1 round of golf in the new course (old course if available) including dinner for 3 guests + member: US$1.000

Contribution made by: Donald Maciver

Opening Bid: $750

St Andrews Golf Course

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Golf Course Details (old course):

  1. -Holes: 18

  2. -Designed by: Alister MacKenzie, Old Tom Morris

  3. -Public/Private: Public

  4. -Year opened: 1850

- Golf Season: Low 11/1-3/31; High 4/1-10/31

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St Andrews Golf Club

The St Andrews Golf Club was formed on September 29, 1843. Its 11 founder members were mostly tradesmen, but included a Dancing Master and a Butler (George Morris, brother of Tom). At that time, a feather ball cost around 2/- (10p) and a day labourer might earn 1/6. Golf was not a poor man's game and our first members were men of some substance.

Soon they were joined by Allan Robertson and Tom Morris. Allan Robertson was the foremost golfer of his day and employed Tom in the family business making feather golf balls. In 1854 he became Captain of The St Andrews Golf Club. Both he and Tom Morris are recorded as having organised the members 'odds' or handicaps.

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Approximate value of stay in apartment for 1 week for 4 guests: US$2.000

Contribution made by: Kenneth Maciver

(Available in 2010)

Opening Bid: $1.500

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